Chicago, IL EIFS Removal Specialists

What is EIFS?

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems, or EIFS, are also known as synthetic stucco. EIFS differentiates itself from traditional stucco in that it is really a thin surface finish that is applied over a foam insulation board, which is normally attached to sheathing. EIFS was first discovered as a repair solution during World War 2 to repair building damage. During the 1980’s, it became popular in the United States with builders and contractors who applied it as an exterior finish to residences.

Why does EIFS Fail?

EIFS fails due to moisture getting trapped between the foam backing of the EIFS system and the wood sheathing it is attached to. The water moisture behind the EIFS is unable to evaporate which results in it attacking the wood sheathing, framing, and studs. This is problematic because it leads to dry rot and mold problems. When untreated, the dry rot and mold damage can lead to the destruction of the homes structure and cost a lot of money to repair or replace.

What to do

Contact us today at Heritage Stucco if you need EIFS removal done in your home. We will remove or replace the EIFS so your home doesn’t get damaged.